Konnect Lanka Group
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About Us

We live in a material world where humans have become isolated and more like machines. Having this in mind, our motive is to connect people who have specific needs with their counterparts in a creative way.

In a world where everyone and everything is going online, we are creating platforms for specific spaces for you to connect. The initial space which we have created is for the education industry; known as ‘KlassHub’. KlassHub connects everyone and everything that is in the education space, in a novel way. Eventually, other sectors will also get their very own space to be attached with and to develop within.

Apart from connecting, our other services include social media marketing, online marketing, business consultancy services, Corporate training, retail and trading, freight forwarding… etc.

Join us on this exciting journey, even with your comments and words. As they matter to us and could make a change; not only for us but for the whole world.

What you get…

  • Fresh ideas
  • Energetic team
  • Serve with care
  • Immediate action

Our family…

We don’t have a team of workers. What we are is a Family, working towards bringing a smile to the faces of our clients; who are also a part of our family.

Fresh ideas, the energy of youth, immediate actions, personal care, and understanding are some of the key values that we share and cherish upon.